Using HENlo

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Required Reading

The HENlo exploit chain for the PS Vita (TV) allows for the installation of homebrew applications to the LiveArea Screen. It is compatible with the firmware versions 3.65 to 3.74.

Note that the HENlo chain is not "persistent" (meaning it does not remain installed after a reboot). Fortunately, this is only a temporary restriction until HENkaku Ensō is installed on the next page.

In addition to running HENlo, we will also enable access to "unsafe" homebrew which gives extended permissions to homebrew applications. This idea could be considered analogous to the "administrator" mode on a computer.

The "VitaDeploy" application will also be installed to your home screen. VitaDeploy makes installing apps, plugins, and custom firmwares simple and includes many useful tools and utilites.

What You Need

  • An internet connection on your PS Vita (TV)


Section I - Launching HENlo

  1. Launch the browser and go to the following URL on your device:
  2. On the HENlo page, press Unlock my Vita, then press Unlock
  3. If the exploit was successful, you should be greeted by a screen titled "henlo-bootstrap"

Section II - Installing HENkaku and VitaDeploy


If you are on a first generation Vita without a memory card, before reading this section create an internal memory partition by following Creating an internal memory card. Once created, you are free to come back to this part of the guide and follow it from the start again.

  1. Press × on "Install henkaku" to enable homebrew
  2. Press × on "Install VitaDeploy"
  3. Press × on "Exit"

Section III - Configuring HENkaku

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Navigate to HENkaku Settings
  3. Check "Enable Unsafe Homebrew"
  4. Return to HENkaku Settings menu
  5. Close the Settings application


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