For support in English, ask for help at HENkaku on Discord.

I am on the latest system version, is my device hackable?

Yes, 3.73 is hackable at the moment.

Can I downgrade my Vita?

Yes, the tool Modoru can downgrade any system hacked with HENkaku or h-encore to any firmware equal or greater than the firmware the console came with out of the box.

Is it safe to update a Vita with CFW?

There is no need to update a PSVita with CFW. Stay on 3.60 or 3.65.

How risky is hacking my console?

Bricks are basically impossible unless you ignore instructions and Sony doesn't ban consoles nor accounts unless you hack trophies or in-game.

Can I run awesome homebrew and emulators with this?

Yes! This enables any custom user-made homebrew to be played on your device.

Where should I go for support?

For support, ask for help at Official Henkaku DiscordOpen in new window.

Can I do this without a computer?

You must have a computer if you are on firmware version 3.61 or higher.