Updating Firmware (PS TV 3.65)

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Required Reading

The h-encore exploit is only compatible with firmware versions 3.65 and above. As a result, other firmware versions must update using a custom update application in order to use that exploit.

While the h-encore exploit itself is compatible with higher firmware versions, users on a firmware version under 3.65 should only update to firmware version 3.65 as it is the latest version which still supports the Ensō boot-time exploit.

Note that a custom update application can only update your device, not downgrade it. If you are on a firmware version higher than 3.65, you should return to Get Started.

What you need

  • A FAT32 formatted USB drive with 150MB of free space
  • The PSP2Updat.PUP file corresponding to the firmware version you are attempting to update to


Section I - Drive Preparation

  1. Create a folder named PSVITA on the root of your USB drive
  2. Create a folder named UPDATE in the PSVITA folder on your USB drive
  3. Rename the downloaded PSP2UPDAT.PUP to PSVUPDAT.PUP
  4. Move PSVUPDAT.PUP to the created UPDATE folder

Section II - Updating Firmware

  1. Power off your PS TV completely
  2. Hold the power button for at least 7 seconds to boot into safe-mode
  3. Connect a controller using a USB cable, then press the PS button
  4. Navigate to Update System Software -> Update from USB Storage Device
  5. Connect your USB drive to your PS TV
  6. Follow the prompts to update your device
    • When the process has completed, your device will reboot automatically


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