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Required Reading

Different device versions will require different steps to achieve the end goal of Custom Firmware. This page will help you find where to start for your device.

Before starting, Windows users should enable the option to show file extensions using File Extensions (Windows)!

Select the appropriate page for your version from the chart below. Note that the “from” and “to” fields are inclusive. This means that, for example, the “from 1.03 to 3.63” row includes 1.03, 3.63, and all versions in-between.

Your device version can be found under the System Information menu in the System category of the Settings application.

Version Table

From To
1.03 3.63 Updating Firmware (3.73)
3.65 3.73 Installing h-encore

Firmware version 3.60 can be modified by using HENkaku, however it’s recommended to update to 3.73 for a simplified installation.